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About Me

My name is NOVA (my fans call me V) and I'm a Digital Artist & Content Creator who copes with Autism, Anxiety, Social Phobia, and Fibromyalgia. I was bullied in high school due to my Autism and art helped me cope.

My goal is to help other artists find their inspiration to cope with their fears, anxiety, and issues and move forward with their dreams.

I speak at several conferences and panels and I was featured in local Newspapers and Media Outlets for my Artwork and Autism Advocacy.

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Currently I illustrate and animate my original characters and comics, while writing creative storylines. My complete passion lies in strange and quirky character designs with dark and unusual story telling.

I just published "Astrid & The Case of the Missing Cupcake" about a young Filipino girl with Autism (me!!) and her love for geeky and nerdy things.

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I also run a handcrafted ugly dolls shop with my mother called Madness & Misfits. It's a fun creative venture focusing on quirky and unusual dolls, artwork, accessories, games and toys. I design the artwork, my mother sews the dolls.

Our misfit dolls and artwork represent self-worth and inner-beauty. Our goal is that no matter how different you are, there is something beautiful within and everyone should have someone to love them. 

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Since 2019 I have been the Youth Advisor for the XP Crunch Podcast Show  Mindful Gaming: Mental Health RoundTable Committee where I attend and speak at national Mental Health Conferences and Geek Conventions.

And I am the Co-host with my mother on a Streamcast called Geek Nostalgia as we discuss all things geeky from the 70s, 80s, and early 90s.

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Contact Me 

Please support me so that I can continue to provide for myself by purchasing my books and artwork. It would mean a lot to me!

You may contact me if you are interested in hiring me for any artwork, projects, or freelance content creation.

Thanks for contacting me! I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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